Oral Sedation in Gilbert, AZ

If the idea of going to the dentist makes you start to panic and you spend the entire week dreading your dental procedure, there’s no need to be ashamed. Many people are anxious or worried about having a dental procedure done, and may even skip appointments because they’re so afraid of having the work performed on them. One of the sedation dentistry procedures we provide in Gilbert, AZ, to combat this is oral sedation. If you have an appointment scheduled at Cooper Family Dentistry for a cosmetic procedure, dental implants, or crowns and bridges, take a moment to learn more about how oral sedation may be the right option for you.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation, which is also known as enteral sedation, is a form of dental sedation used to help dental patients relax during a wide range of procedures. It’s generally administered orally, sometimes in combination with nitrous oxide. It’s used for people who have moderate anxiety about going to the dentist, as well as for invasive dental procedures. Another reason it’s commonly used is for patients who would typically need multiple procedures done—using oral sedation allows your dentist to combine the multiple smaller procedures into one larger one.

How Oral Sedation Works

When you come for your initial appointment, we will check your medical history and make sure you’re a proper candidate for oral sedation, and then give you the medication which you’ll need to take. For oral sedation, you will be given a drug that’s quite similar to Valium. One of the most common oral medications given for this form of dental sedation is Halcion (triazolam), which will provide a calming, sedating effect. These medications provide the proper effect by turning down the activity in the part of your brain that makes you feel afraid and anxious.

Once you take the pill, you will start to feel very relaxed and perhaps drowsy, but you will still be able to follow any instructions given to you by your dentist. However, it’s important to note that you will need to arrange transportation to and from the dentist’s office—you won’t be able to travel by yourself.

 Is Oral Sedation Good For Me?

If you suffer from anxiety or fear from going to the dentist, there’s a good chance oral sedation may be good for you. However, if you suffer from extreme anxiety, we would recommend that you consider IV sedation. Oral sedation is a great option since it’s very easy to administer, and most patients don’t suffer from any after effects the next day once the medication wears off. To find out more if oral sedation is the right fit for you in Gilbert, AZ, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can discuss your options as soon as possible!

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