Dental Concerns Treated in Gilbert, AZ

 One of the recurring issues we’ve noticed in Gilbert, AZ, as we treat our usual dental patients, is that many of them suffer from various painful symptoms that are often caused by a wide range of dental problems. Ranging from headaches and neck pains to other health problems, it’s not uncommon for patients to “soldier on” instead of having their teeth checked out. At Cooper Family Dentistry, we provide comprehensive treatments for an extensive range of dental concerns. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, please schedule an appointment with us so we can diagnose your issue and have you up and running as quickly as possible!

Crooked Teeth

Many people don’t have what some would call a “perfect smile,” but that’s no reason to let your confidence take a hit. There is a wide range of treatment options available to help you be able to smile with confidence. One of the most common treatments we offer is veneers, which will help you have a natural, radiant smile. Depending on the severity of the crookedness, one of our cosmetic dentistry options may be right for you.

Missing Teeth

It’s not uncommon to have lost a tooth at some point in your life. Whether due to injury, an accident, or disease, having a missing tooth can cause serious emotional, social, and health concerns. We can effectively treat this by providing long-lasting dental implants, which will look just as natural as your other teeth. Another option we provide includes crowns and bridges.

Tooth Cavities

While most people tend to think that only children get tooth cavities, it’s a dental condition that also affects adults. If you’re suffering from a cavity, one of the treatment options we most recommend in Gilbert is a root canal, allowing your tooth to stay healthy all while providing much needed pain relief!

Frequent Headaches

If your bite (or occlusion) is not stable, this could cause or worsen your frequent headaches, which could be a TMJ disorder. Please visit us for a thorough investigation to determine the root of the issues. We will then provide a customized treatment regimen based on your condition.

Bleeding Gums

While some mild bleeding is to be expected occasionally, constantly bleeding gums tends to point towards gum disease. About 75% of all American adults suffer from this, so please schedule an appointment with us so we can determine the reason your gums are bleeding and take it from there.

Teeth Grinding

If your bite is unstable, your teeth could start to wear down long before they should—which could cause chips in your teeth. This could also be a TMJ disorder, so we recommend coming in so we can repair any instability in your bite. If necessary, we will perform cosmetic dentistry procedures to restore your teeth.

Cosmetic Concerns

There can be a host of other issues which, while not functionally necessary, can affect your confidence when it comes to smiling. We provide extensive cosmetic procedures to restore your smile, ranging from teeth whitening to fixing chips and cracks, allowing you to have your most beautiful smile ever!

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If your wisdom teeth have erupted and your mouth doesn’t have enough room for all of your teeth, we can extract your wisdom teeth on-site in Gilbert with no referrals needed. We provide either a local anesthetic or an IV sedation.

If you are experiencing any of these dental concerns, contact Cooper Family Dentistry today!

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