Full Dentures

Full DenturesDentures are a common solution for replacing missing teeth. Made of a reinforced porcelain or composite with an acrylic base that rests along the gum line, they comfortably clasp to existing teeth or connect to implants (sometimes called overdentures) to create a natural looking smile.

A full denture is an artificial dental appliance that replaces all of your teeth along your upper or lower jaw. Full dentures:

  • Restore the ability to smile, chew and speak naturally
  • Replace teeth impacted by trauma or oral cancer
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Provide a comfortable, customized fit
  • Retain the natural shape and structure of your face

Partial Denture

Partial DenturesA partial denture replaces an individual tooth or multiple teeth with a removable dental appliance. The appliance is anchored in place by removable clasps or precision attachments and sometimes with dental implants. Partial dentures give patients:

  • An alternative to a fixed bridge or dental implant
  • A cost-effective tooth replacement solution
  • The ability to chew favorite foods without complication
  • A natural looking, dependable replacement solution
  • The ability to prevent natural teeth from shifting

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